Mozilla End User Telephone Support Available Soon

Hi everyone,

Good news: starting with the release of Mozilla 1.5 (which will happen over the next couple of weeks), we will be offering telephone support to end users. End user support by telephone will not be cheap ($39.95 per incident) and will be difficult for non-US people to get to since it's an international call, but this is a great first step. There's a reason why this is so expensive: a typical telephone support call takes almost 30 minutes.

Hopefully, we'll also offer e-mail support before too long, which would be a lot less expensive and accessible to people around the world. We're still identifying the appropriate vendor to work with on that, so feel free to send me your recommendations for vendors to offer this service.

The goal is to have a broad range of free and paid support options available to user, many of wich are already available: telephone support, email support, mailing lists, newsgroups, message boards, IRC etc.

For telephone support, we will be using DecisionOne, the company that has been offering end-user support for Netscape.



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