MozillaZine Web Site and Mail Server Moving to New Machine

We're planning to move and our mail server to a new machine today.

This new machine is a lot faster. It runs Apache and its mailing lists are handled by Mailman so they should be easier to join, leave and administer.

The new mail server runs the DCC so we should have less spam although blocking probably won't start for a few days. In the mean time, you can see the new X-DCC headers and use them to filter junk.

During the changeover the CVS repository for the web site will probably be down for an hour or 3. The mailing lists may be down for an hour or so. The web site should be up continuously.

With the new setup the public mailing lists are configured to only accept mail from that list's subscribers but will accept posts from anyone via Usenet. The reason to make them subscriber-only is to filter out spam. This setup is nearly the same as the old one although now its a bit harder to do cross posts via mail if you're not subscribed to all the lists. If you really need to do cross-posts I suggest posting via NNTP.

Mails that aren't accepted will go to the list's request queue where a moderator can accept the real posts and delete the spam. However, there are over seventy mailing lists and (so far) only two moderators so it may take a while for posts to get moderated so try to use for cross posts.

Mailing lists can be left and joined as described on the community page at or you can use the web interface at

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