Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 15th September 2003

Present: chofmann, bart, scc, seth, dbaron, myk, mitchell.
(Mozilla Foundation employees are now invited.)

Meeting purpose

  • We should start meetings with a brief summary of releases.
  • Get info from Mozilla Firebird and Thunderbird meeting on Monday nights
  • Track GRE status occasionally (dougt and bsmedberg working on it ATM)
  • chofmann and dbaron will help the GRE planning
  • provide updates on marketing efforts and deals. Bart to provide that on a weekly basis.


  • Bart's main focus is having a set of big things ready by September 30:
    • Mozilla 1.5
    • Mozilla Firebird, Thunderbird preview releases
    • Other announcements

Other issues

  • super-reviewers are meeting again on Thursday;
  • dbaron has tried pinging people to see if they are still participating
  • A lot of existing accounts have recently been changed over to new email addresses.
  • Mozilla 1.5 ready closer to the end of the week of the 22nd (i.e. Thursday-Friday Sept. 26-27).
  • Myk moving forward on creating an mirror network hosted by Oregon State University and others.


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