Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 8th September 2003

Present: myk, asa, seth, chofmann, mitchell, scc, gerv.

1.5 Final update

  • We didn't branch last week
  • 10 days behind schedule with branching
  • 6-8 bugs on the list, after two rounds of triage
  • chofmann and asa want to do a RC early this week, and another next week, both off the branch
  • 1.5 beta usage not very high
  • strongly want to branch this week
  • "Roadmap out of date" is a known issue; brendan to update as soon as possible.

1.4.1 update

  • 100 bugfixes since 1.4
  • 3 big flaws fixed (which were in NS 7.1)
  • Asa spent the weekend testing, and verifying high profile stuff
  • This is a minor release and so will be a low-key rollout
  • Hope to do that this week

Server migrations

  • New CVS mirror is too fast! It makes Tinderbox able to cycle too quickly... :-)
  • Roughly half the services now run from Foundation hardware
  • On course to get everything done by September 30th
  • Myk looking into the possibility of a good mirror system for mozilla FTP services

Other decisions

  • Change meetings henceforth to include Foundation employees
  • Put up a page of people who are employed by the Foundation

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