Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Tuesday 2nd September 2003

Present: gerv, myk, asa, blizzard, chofmann.

1.5 Final update

  • No disastrous feedback from the beta release
  • 5 blocker bugs remain
  • 25 bugs nominated to evaluate
  • We are about 1 week behind schedule - slip everything out one week
  • This gives us breathing room around Thanksgiving too

Thunderbird 0.2

  • Going to happen any minute now
  • mscott has cut a branch, which needs a fix or two
  • He is aiming to ship 0.3 at the same time as 1.5
  • Perhaps Firebird 0.7 as well


  • We need to set up a mirror network and/or FTP server ourselves
  • We should use 1.6 alpha as a bandwidth/load test for komodo alone — help to judge
  • What about bittorrent? P2P? Push builds there first?

More user-friendly builds

  • Focus on 1.5, rather than 1.4.1, for friendly builds
  • 1.5 is not too locked down yet, but we need to hurry up
  • Pull out Tinderbox sidebar panel; reduce hits on servers
  • We need to move discussion directly to a tracking bug

Software patents demo

  • It's possible there will be a repeat of the online demo at the end of September
  • There's disagreement about whether we want to do anything on this
  • We need to have a discussion before we alter the website again

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