Independent Status Reports

Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

Firebird Help Update

(Help extension until finalized for actual build)

By R.J. Keller

The Firebird Help project has been announced. The goal of this project is to create a port of the Seamonkey Help for Mozilla Firebird. The latest XPI release (0.2 Beta) contains new Firebird help content and new buttons for zooming in and out of help files (Seamonkey's font size is way too small), and a Find button to search for a word in the help docs. The help docs also have a new XHTML + CSS layout.

Development is also going on for creating a Thunderbird version of Firebird help as well. We also plan on supporting Sunbird and other birds in the future. If you would like to contribute documentation, email or post patches to the bugs on the bug page.

BannerBlind Update

(Hide the banners from your browser)

By Daniel Wang

Daniel has announced his return to BannerBlind; hopefully there will be some progress to the project. Meanwhile, he has released JavaScript Manager, a nice utility for enabling JavaScript on a per-site basis.

Next Image Update

(Extension for automagically incrementing image URL)

By Ralph Churchill

I have updated Next Image to 0.3. After a long time, I have fixed the major bugs — like 09 not incrementing to 10 :(

Plus, I have modified the code such that it can handle non-image URLs, e.g. "", etc. Check out the latest version on the installation page.

StumbleUpon Update

(A toolbar to find and share great web sites)

By Geoff Smith

New version 1.82 of the StumbleUpon toolbar includes a total overhaul of the rating system. This release also includes some extra improvements to the GUI and numerous bugfixes.

Uzilla Update

(Commercial service for usability testing)

By Andy Edmonds

uzReview debutted at Hypertext 2003 in Nottingham, UK last week. It's a tool for heuristic review of websites, a usability assessment process guided by a small set of guidelines. It uses a custom sidebar, persists information in XML, taps XPath to match the current page with existing XML records, and embeds Midas for drag and drop of main window content.

MozWho Update

(Your bookmark and browser history portal)

By Andy Edmonds

The mozWho bookmark portal has made great strides in the last month, improving reliability and simplicity. mozWho allows you to browse your bookmarks in a dmoz-style portal. It features links to edit the bookmark, graph your last visit/visit count, and look up URLs from the same domain in history. For XUL hackers, a much agonized function extracts the names of the enclosing folders of a bookmark folder using RDF's inbound arc functions.

MultiZilla Update

(Tab-based browsing feature for Mozilla)

By HJ van Rantwijk

MultiZilla has posted a full status report on their project site that includes information about their pledge drive, new version v1.5.0.2 and new installation procedures, work on validating the project's web pages and much more. Check out the full report for all of the news.

Mozex Update

(External programs integration)

By Tomas Styblo

Mozex 1.06 has been released and includes:

  • support for IRC URLs was added; the format of IRC URLs is specified at (thanks to Chris for pointing me to that document)
  • news URL handling was rewritten to conform to RFC 1738 (thanks to Alexandra Walford for suggestions)
  • support for the "nntp" URL scheme was added
  • two news-related arguments were added —
    • %n — article number (nttp URLs)
    • %m — article Message-Id (news URLs)
  • the %r (unmodified URL) argument is now supported in all URL schemes
  • mailto URL parser — a small RFC 2368 conformance bug was fixed

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