Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 25th August 2003

Present: blizzard, chofmann, asa, mitchell, myk, brendan, scc.

Foundation Update

The first batch of servers have been moved over to the colo space.


Work to be done to get 1.5 beta out. We had late-breaking security holes we had to patch. They're all in or in the late stages of being fixed. Unless we find something today that needs to be added to the list, we could ship tomorrow's builds as beta.

1.4.1 could come out in the next week or so. Not intended to be a high-profile release, but part of the long-lived 1.4 branch and something better to get out while 1.5 final isn't ready.

Asa will be syncing up with Chris on release plans so he can spend more time with QA.

mscott wants to do a 0.2, so he's going to be doing something around 1.5beta. Mozilla Firebird is going to ship something off the 1.5 branch. By necessity they're going to sync up with 1.5 because they have some fixing of regressions to do.

1.5 things have taken longer than they usually do, partially because Asa hasn't been focused on it and took a few days off for health stuff, but Asa doesn't think it was lack of engineering resources that caused the delay.

Builds are on auto-pilot, but granrose helps out when they break. leaf is on sabbatical.


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