Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 18th August 2003

Present: gerv, myk, seth, asa, chofmann, scc. (mitchell, blizzard, brendan on vacation.)

Foundation update

  • mscott and chofmann hired last Monday.
  • Not 501c3 yet
  • We chose for colo for the new servers.

1.5 beta update

  • One bug outstanding (GDI issue)
  • After release, about two more weeks on the trunk
  • Branch for final with 5-12 bugs left.
  • Not scheduled to branch until August 29th.

Mozilla Firebird 0.7 update

  • There is a list of things that need to be implemented to get it to replace Seamonkey. See Bugzilla targetted bugs.
  • scott has been working on adding Send Page/Send Link etc.
  • Toolkit forking/reorg is 95% done (pierre chanial).
  • 0.7 from the 1.5 final branch.

Thunderbird 0.2 update

  • Thunderbird 0.2 in a couple of weeks, max.
  • mscott is raring to go.
  • There is some effort to sync up the releases of FB and TB.


  • We want to keep this going.
  • We still have access to current reports.
  • There isn't yet an open-source alternative. :-(

New test matrix

  • Asa is working on a test matrix for shipping milestones.
  • Currently 3 sets of docs — smoketest list, test plans, test cases.
  • He is building a new master list of all tests.
  • Eventually there'll be an automated tool.

1.4 branch (1.4.1)

  • 1.4's focus is the fix for Windows installer crashes, and the GDI leaks.
  • Windows installer crashes are fixed on the branch.
  • GDI thing fixed, maybe — still looking into this.
  • We've also taken other fixes meantime.


  • Also making changes to make 1.5 more user-friendly (e.g. search plugins.)

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