Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 28th July 2003

[This was prepared before I went away, but not posted.]

Present: mitchell, seth, marcia, dawn, blizzard, gerv, myk, leaf.

Foundation update

  • The first $1,000,000 has arrived from AOL. :-)
  • bart has started marketing thing — enormous amount of activity

1.5 beta update

  • getting close
  • freezes next week
  • Drivers will be going through nominations this week

Mozilla Firebird 0.6.1 update

  • ready to go
  • based on the 1.5a branch with a few Mozilla Firebird-specific fixes
  • good testing from the Mozillazine regulars
  • haven't discovered anything horrible in the 1.5a release that would block 0.6.1.

Thunderbird 0.1 update

  • It's out.

User-friendly 1.4 builds (1.4.1)

  • Could do a version of 1.4 more suited to end users
  • Seems to make sense
  • Need to talk to Asa etc. to make final decision
  • Add the spell-checker, for example
  • Someone needs to drive this (not Gerv — away for 3 weeks)

New about:mozilla

  • Should we have a board meeting at Burning Man? :-)

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