Independent Status Reports

Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

Mycroft Update

(Adding search engines to Mozilla)

By Erich 'Ricky' Iseli

In almost a year (since we last issued a status report), lots has been happening to Mycroft. Thanks to Mozilla Firebird's success, our plugins have increased in popularity. We are now close to 400 plugins which have been submitted by external contributors or by project members.

As a consequence, it's very hard to keep up with checking the plugins (they break once in a while when sites get updated) and adding new plugins. If you feel like helping out, please contact us. Read a more detailed status report on the Mycroft website.

Diggler Update

(A set of URL manipulation utilities for power users)

By Adam Lock

Just wanted to let everyone know that Diggler 0.6 is out now. The big news is that it now supports both Mozilla and Firebird.

BBSzilla Update

(TCP-Based BBS support (Hotline Protocol et al))

by Justin Arthur

Development has gone a little slower than first anticipated. The last status report containing information regarding BBSzilla stated that a release could be expected in late August. Unfortunately, it does not appear that this deadline is reachable so the release date will be delayed for a few months.

JS Console Update

(JavaScript code console)

By Daniel Fournier

Since Firebird release 0.6.1, which is the first Firebird build including Rich Text Editing features (Midas), JS Console (1.1) can be installed in Firebird: JS Console XPI installer works both for Mozilla and Firebird.

Mozex Update

(External programs integration)

By Tomas Styblo

Mozex 1.05 has been released and includes:

  • installation to the user profile has been enabled (for new installations)
  • there is a new FAQ on the project's homepage
  • mailto URL parser conforms to RFC 2368
  • "to", "cc" and "body" mailto URL parameters are supported
  • new mail command arguments were added to support "cc" and "body" (%c, %b)
  • newline separators in the "body" parameter are automatically converted as appropriate for the host operating system
  • a wrapper shell script to pass the "body" parameter to mutt can be found in the FAQ
  • there are some new arguments for use with mail applications that require URL-encoded mailto parameters (%A, %C, %S, %B)

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