Mozilla Foundation Reaches Agreement with E-FLO to Begin Offering Mozilla CDs

Hi folks,

Just wanted to let you know that we just reached an agreement with a company named E-FLO to produce and sell Mozilla CDs online.

E-FLO currently handles the Netscape CD program, We decided to work with them because they are flexible, offer reasonable prices and revenue splits and, most importantly, have experience handling the Netscape account. Having a predictable partner with relevant experience was one of our most important requirements as we start offering these sorts of end-user services.

We have an exclusive arrangement with E-FLO for online retail sales of CDs, except that if there are regions outside of the US where it doesn't make business sense for E-FLO to offer a localized product or provide customer service in an appropriate language, we may use a different partner for that market. E-FLO will work with the Mozilla community to produce localized CD pages based on our priorities.

Pricing of the CDs will probably be less than $10, including shipping and handling — so competitive with other places that offer Mozilla CDs. Best of all, international customers will be able to get the product with less than $2 additional shipping charges, which is, I believe, a big improvement over what Netscape offers.

It takes between 30 and 45 days to get things set up, so the most likely result is that we'll start offering CDs around the time of the Mozilla 1.5 release — initially we'll probably just ship the latest stable release of Mozilla 1.x + preview releases of Firebird and (I hope) Thunderbird. There is an idea to come up with a more end-user oriented product, but no decisions have been made on that yet, so I wouldn't expect that until the end of the year at the earliest, assuming we decide to proceed with the idea.



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