Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 14th July 2003

Present: asa, gerv, dawn, dmose, blizzard, brendan, myk, scc, seth, mitchell (at end)

1.5 alpha

  • As soon as Asa has tested builds — RSN

Mozilla Firebird 0.6.1

  • Working to align Mozilla Firebird releases with Mozilla releases. Asa talking with Ben and others.
  • Come from the trunk at the 1.5alpha branch point, so without the big work
  • Need to start selling it as a technology preview
  • It'll take a year to get something shippable to end users (brendan)
  • Depends on hyatt's and ben's time

Mozilla Foundation

  • We are Going public RSN
  • Non-profit, 501c3 incorp. in Calif., Mozilla Foundation
  • We get:
    •, com, biz, info.
    • licenses
    • NPLed code will be licensed to the Foundation under the MPL
    • Data (Bugzilla, CVS, etc.)
    • Other IP
    • Machines
    • Tinderbox machines
  • Brian Behlendorf (Apache) will be on the original board
  • We need a donate button
  • New front page for Tuesday (end user focus, lighter look; Ben G, Asa and Brendan did that)
  • It will be sent out today for review
  • Mitch K is chairman of the board, Mitchell is President, Brendan is Secretary.
  • Brendan is drafting a newsgroup post to go out before the wire services get the press release

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