Independent Status Reports

Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

JS Console Update

(JavaScript code console)

By Daniel Fournier

JS Console 1.0 initial release is out, providing a simple but effective way to test and develop JavaScript code snippets with direct access to XPConnect Mozilla technology. JS Console relies on an independant general library named Mozlib with I/O, RDF and other usefull JavaScript object oriented classes.

GooglebarL10N Update

(Localization Packs for Mozilla-Googlebar)

By Alex Pircher

The GooglebarL10N-Project has been initialized and provides the first language pack for the Mozilla-Googlebar: German. More should come soon.

HON Update

(Collection of Mozilla / Netscape plugins for HON)

By Thierry Raguin

The HON project has just been launched on mozdev. This project aims at developing Mozilla / Netscape plugins to support the Health On the Net Foundation (HON). The three plugins currently available are HONcode Status, HONlookup and HONcodeHunt Sherlock plugin. Check out the screenshots to see them in action or try installing the latest version of each.

mozdev Update

(Free project hosting site for Mozilla based extensions and applications)

By David Boswell

We are working on putting together an external projects list to make finding Mozilla extensions and applications easier. Hopefully this project list plus the list of projects that are hosted on mozdev will provide one central resource for locating all publically available Mozilla projects. This list is currently under construction, so if you have suggestions for projects to include, email us at feedback at

I also wanted to send a reminder to project owners about recreating their mailing list and newsgroup if they haven't already. After the recent attack on the site we decided to recreate all lists as part of the effort to upgrade mailman to a newer more secure version and to weed out inactive lists that were just being used to send out spam. If you're not an owner of a project but think it should have its list recreated, please let us know or try contacting that owner directly and ask them to get in touch with an admin.

MozWho Update

(Your bookmark and browser history portal)

By Andy Edmonds

MozWho 0.2 presents your bookmarks in an HTML portal. The eventual goal is an adaptive homepage and the existing source code provides an example of how to extract information from the bookmark RDF datastore.

wmlbrowser Update

(Browse WML in Mozilla)

By Matthew Wilson

wmlbrowser had a maintenance release 0.3, for compatibility with Mozilla 1.4. Users of other browsers should not upgrade.

StumbleUpon Update

(A toolbar to find and share great web sites)

By Geoff Smith

StumbleUpon has released version 1.76. New version adds stumble-prefetching which significantly increases the speed of stumbling, particularly on a slow connection. Also this version can now install into the mozilla profile directory.

TagZilla Update

(A tagline insertion and management system)

By David Perry

TagZilla 0.049 has finally been released! You have my greatest thanks for your patience in awaiting it for so long.

  • One xpi, three platforms: supports Mozilla Suite, Firebird and Thunderbird
  • Prefs window works on all three platforms now
  • Improved handling of DOS/Windows, Mac, and *nix-flavoured newlines in tagline files
  • Small but important bug fixes
  • Can be installed to a profile or to the system (but see below)
  • Jar-based installation saves disk space

Known bugs

  • The install process has been known to fail for No Good Reason. I'm not sure if it's a bug in one or more of the Mozilla programs, or if I've broken my content/chrome.rdf again. If you can't install to your profile directory, try to install to your program directory, or vice versa. Help wanted in determining what I can do to TagZilla to help alleviate the problem. (People seem to have better luck when they install it to their profile.)
  • The toolbar icons in *bird don't show up in the toolbar palette
  • The links on the About screen don't work in Thunderbird (surprise (: )

Thanks again for your patience, and I hope TagZilla serves you well!

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