Branch Cut for Mozilla 1.5 Alpha

by L. DAVID BARON | Drivers have decided to cut a branch for 1.5alpha, which is somewhat out of keeping with alpha/beta tradition. The branch is now cut, and the trunk is open for 1.5beta checkins.

The idea of this branch is that what's currently on the branch (i.e., Friday morning's builds) should be acceptable as the 1.5alpha release. However, we want to let the installer fixes that we just took (bugs 198081 and 210731) bake for a few days to make sure they're OK, and we want to do this without holding the trunk hostage. Furthermore, today isn't the best day to do the release since Asa, who usually does a lot of the work to make releases happen, is not available today. :-)

Drivers may take a few additional patches on the branch, but the approval criteria will be quite strict since the branch probably won't be getting much (if any) testing.


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