Mozilla Featured on Dallas-Fort Worth's WFAA 'News 8' and in CNET Newsletter

by WAYNE CUNNINGHAM | Being a software addict, I downloaded and installed Mozilla 1.4, the latest version of the open source browser, as soon as it came out. With each new version, the developers add more useful features and make them more readily accessible. What's more, the built-in mail and HTML editor applications are very functional and full-featured.

I do agree with those who contend that Mozilla weighs a bit more than it should and doesn't feel as nimble as Internet Explorer. The Mozilla developers intend to address those issues by splitting the Mozilla download into a standalone browser called Firebird, for which the beta is already available, and an e-mail client called Thunderbird. If you don't like the size of Mozilla and don't want to wait for Firebird's version 1.0, then you might try SlimBrowser, which offers advanced features on the Internet Explorer engine.

I'm surprised Microsoft hasn't announced a new version of its browser yet, when it's missing so many current essential features. I think all modern browsers should feature a tabbed interface, pop-up control, selective cookie and image blocking, and a form filler.

What would you consider an essential feature in any new browser? Let me know at

Wayne Cunningham
Senior Editor, CNET

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