Independent Status Reports

by DAVID BOSWELL | Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

mozdev Update (Free project hosting for Mozilla applications and extensions)
by David Boswell

The pledge drive has been a huge success. In just one month we have raised over 4 times our original goal of $2500. The community has been a huge help to us and I wanted to thank everyone again for contributing to mozdev. Look for more information soon about how much has been raised and what our plans are going forward.

In related news, the new server that was purchased with money from donations is now being used for the site. The new server is in use but not all of the services are available right now. The initial services available are Apache and CVS with mailing lists and newsgroups to follow next. Bugzilla, CVSWeb and other services will come online after that.

Mnenhy Update (Mail/news enhancements)
by Karsten Dusterloh

Mnenhy 0.2 (2003-07-01)

Mnenhy has is reached its second milestone: the clickable references header is back!

New Mnenhy features since 0.1.5
  • Mnenhy allows four different output methods for each header:
    • Text is rendered as is,
    • E-Mail Addresses are rendered as currently implemented,
    • Newsgroups are clickable again like in Netscape 4.x
    • Message IDs are rendered as either a numbers or text.
    • If MessageID-Finder 1.8 ( is installed, you can "walk" the references like in good old Netscape 4.x days!
    • All twisty states are persistant now.
  • Mnenhy supplies some text encoders and decoders in mail editor,mail display, mail source view and browser:
    • ROT-13, Base64, UUEncode/UUDecode, encodeURI/decodeURI, Kenny-Speak, Morse, Reverse, toUpperCase, and toLowerCase.
    • Display of Junk Mail Filter Statistics (contents of training.dat).
Important bug fixes
  • Mnenhy collided partly with the JSLIB.
  • Mnenhy caused MailNews to crash sometimes at start-up.

Mozex Update (External programs integration)
by Tomas Styblo

Mozex 1.00 has been released. Mozex is an extension which allows the user to use external programs for these actions:
  • view page source
  • edit content of textareas (possibly utilizing a spell-checker in your text editor)
  • handle mailto, news, telnet and FTP links
  • download files
Mozex works with both Mozilla and Firebird. Currently only the *NIX versions of these browsers are supported. Please contact the author in case you are interested in maintaining and supporting Mozex on other platforms.

MessageID-Finder Update (Finds the corresponding message to a message ID)
by Markus Hossner

MessageID-Finder 1.8 has been released and includes:
  • Clickable references (Mnenhy 0.2 or higher needed)
  • Works with Thunderbird
  • Settings dialog (see chrome://messageidfinder/content/pref-messageidfinder.xul)
  • Small bugfixes
MessageID-Finder is a addon for the Mozilla mail/news-client (also for Thunderbird) that helps you to find the message to a certain message ID. You could use it within message view, source view and message header.

Tinderstatus Update (A status bar icon showing current tinderbox state)
by Myk Melez

Tinderstatus for Mozilla Firebird is now available. Install this XPI to watch the Mozilla Firebird tinderboxen. Note that you can install both Tinderstatus XPIs (the original for Seamonkey and this new one for Mozilla Firebird) to watch both sets of tinderboxen at once.

XULMaker Update (Visual XUL editor)
by Franklin de Graaf

Version 0.50 of XULMaker was released early this morning — no fanfare, everyone was sleeping. Sleep no more, wake up to this "visual XUL application builder" that will herald much fanfare as the XUL development community acquaints itself with this powerful XUL application development tool.

NeedleSearch Update (Enables users to add/delete own search engines)
by Eelco van Kuik

A new version of NeedleSearch is out: version 2.1 It is now possible to start a search from the context window. This is very useful if you would like to search for i.e. translations of words in text in your browser window. The project got help on the development side this time from Darren Tarbard. He assigned a keyboard shortcut for quickly showing and hiding the toolbar and made a text version of the toolbar. Because of all these issues the preferences window has been reintroduced again where you can alter the NeedleSearch Toolbar settings.

Bugzilla is activated for NeedleSearch now as well, so everybody can from now on insert their issues in Bugzilla. This way it is easier for everybody to keep track of requested new functionality and reported bugs on the other hand. Some bad news too: not all translators translated the text for the new functionality. If you see English text in your translation and would like to have it ranslated, please contact me. Have a look at the website for more information on how to use these new functionalities.

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