mozdev Downed by Denial of Service Attack

by PETE COLLINS | Well, you may have noticed mozdev has been down recently. Yesterday July 4th between 9:00-9:30AM EST mozdev was maliciously attacked with what appears to be a DOS attack to our Bugzilla and CVSweb CGI scripts, totally crippling the box. The attack caused all virtual memory and resources to be consumed, crashing the system. We've been getting these kind of attacks for some time now. We just raised enough money for a new server and to pay for our bandwidth costs. Why would anyone want to do this to mozdev?

I am heading over the the colo to pick up the box and work on the recovery, the system will not come back remotely. This all really sucks. There is so much good will and a great community around mozdev for some putz to come along and try to destroy it for no purpose.

If anyone has any info about this attack, please contact me. I would like to report this problem to the FBI. mozdev has been abused for a long time by spammers and crackers. This eats up an enourmous amount of time for the mozdev admin volunteers. Instead of working on our Mozilla projects, or new features for mozdev, we are continuously dealing w/ abuses of this kind. Every day taking up more and more of our limited free time.

So, I will be working all weekend to try to get some sort of service back to the mozdev community.



Pete Collins
mozdev CoFounder

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