Mozilla Calendar Project Lead Mike Potter Retires, Mostafa Hosseini Named as New Head

by MIKE POTTER | The future of the Mozilla Calendar was discussed a while ago, and I think its time to continue that discussion. Interest in the calendar application has been increasing lately, as has much of the interest in the Mozilla browser.

I have decided at this time to retire from leading the calendar project and to transfer the project leadership role to Mostafa Hosseini, a fellow employee here at OEone who has coded much of the calendar, both back end and front end.

As of today, Mostafa will be in charge of reviewing patches and checking the code into CVS, building new XPIs and updating the website. If anyone would like to help out with any of those duties, I'm sure he would appreciate the help.

We discussed moving the project to mozdev, but decided against that for now, since the calendar is being built by default on Sun platforms, and is included in their 1.4 builds. Plus, the extra exposure we get from the Mozilla project is very helpful to us. I doubt that we will ever be included in any default builds from Mozilla, as was the plan originally. The seperation of the Mozilla apps has decided that fate for us.

The official plan, in my eyes, is still to get the calendar as a stand alone application, like Thunderbird or Firebird. Hopefully someone out there can take that project on.

As always, this project is in need of resources: people who would like to help out with the coding, website maintenance, management activities etc... If you would like to help out, you need to be proactive and get involved. File bugs in bugzilla, verify bugs in bugzilla, request CVS access (to add code and to update the website).

There has been a lot of interest in this project, from small companies and large companies like Sun and Lindows. Hopefully this project continues, and those companies continue to support this project.

Thanks. It's been fun to be involved in the start up of a project of this magnitude.


Mike Potter
OEone Corporation

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