Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 16th June 2003


1.4rc2/final update

We're blocked on 1.4RC2 by not having linux builds with a statically linked libstdc++. We've tested builds with the new compiler and things look good but the builds we've tested were dynamically linked. Leaf, cls, dmose, others working on getting statically linked builds. When we get those and they pass smoketests we should get them along with the already ready to go (sitting on stage under /cltbld) windows and linux builds and push them live. Asa will check in occasionally and when he sees bits at FTP he'll push the release docs.

A decision was made that statically linked libstdc libraries are ok

1.5 trunk update
  • What are we shipping?
  • Both, until Mozilla Firebird and Thunderbird are ready.
Mozilla Firebird 0.7 update

Not a lot happening here in code. A couple of non-core-firebird contributors are porting seamonkey fixes to firebird. Ben's doing some good design stuff. Asa needs to get together with Hyatt and Ben and do some planning. Will do it in bugzilla with status whiteboard flags or some other marker (getting our "blocking firebird as premier app" and "things seamonkey users will want but we may or may not do" lists together.)

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