Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 9th June 2003

by GERVASE MARKHAM | Present: mitchell, blizzard, myk, gerv, seth, asa, scott, dmose, scc.

  • Down to 5 or 6 blockers
  • rc2 when a sufficient number are wrapped up
  • Potential for rebranding as final
  • Release in the next day or two
  • We should stop taking changes post-rc2 for a number of days while we evaluate

1.4 Branch drivers

  • Representatives of some companies shipping from it
  • Other drivers might pitch in
  • Asa or brendan also
  • Separate heading on drivers list web page
  • Same mail alias

  • Asa is putting together a (pretty darn short) blockers list for Mozilla Firebird being the premier app
  • A couple of features on it, though — HTML sidebar, XPUninstall (hyatt)
  • Need to hook up DOM Inspector, site nav, Venkman, style switching into a 'default build'
  • It will be minimalist at first start — lightweight browsing experience
  • But also selectively enable advanced features
  • Realistic timeframe for 1.5 alpha? Asa — stick to current schedule
  • When do we stop shipping Seamonkey? Still open question
Mozilla Firebird/Thunderbird releases
  • Might be good to do a Thunderbird 0.1 soon
  • Need to get the testing coverage
  • Better integration between the two needed? OK on Windows, probably; problems on Mac and Linux

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