Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 2nd June 2003

by GERVASE MARKHAM | Present: brendan, seth, asa, mitchell, myk, dmose, blizzard, scc, endico, gerv.

Doug's XPCOM book
  • We're waiting to hear back from Doug and Ian on how loudly they want to splash it depending on what they are doing to make money off it.
1.4 final update
  • Asa has reviewed feedback from rc1 and is incorporating it in the planning process.
  • rc2 is going to happen, not sure yet whether it'll turn into final or if we'll do an rc3.
  • Problem areas in rc1 include reports of catastrophic failures (f.e. lost profiles), but none have been verified yet.
  • Lots of positive comments about new features as well as complaints about new features not being as complete and polished (as usual).
  • After 1.4final, Seamonkey->Mozilla Firebird transition efforts will get underway, including tinderbox changes and eventually Bugzilla changes (by 1.5beta at the latest).
  • There's an issue about Mozilla Firebird and Thunderbird being on separate release schedules.
  • Ideally we will have simultaneous Mozilla 1.5beta, Firebird 0.8, and Thunderbird 0.1 releases.
  • No recent Mac Thunderbird builds.

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