Mozilla Tech Evangelism Reorganization Update

by BOB CLARY | Where we are...

We have taken the first steps in changing how Mozilla Tech Evangelism is organized by adding new language based components, updating the project documentation and beginning the process of moving bugs from the old components to the new ones.

You can find more information about what language based components have been created, who has volunteered and find links to individual pages for each component at the Technology Evangelism Components page. I tried to list the volunteers I have received so far. If I have missed your name or you would like to be added as a volunteer please email me or contact your component owner. You can also come to irc://

Each component has it's own page which can be localized, customized in whatever ways the specific language team feels is appropriate to help their efforts.

In order to get involved and be notified regarding evangelism bugs in each component, you need only to change your bugzilla preferences to watch the aliases defined for each component.

See this report for a list of components and all bugs assigned to them.

What is next?

Currently all of the bugs in the old components have been moved except for Europe Central, Europe East, Europe West, Middle Eastern and The Americas. We must complete moving all bugs (including resolved) from the older components before the old components can be removed.

If you can help triage the remaining European bugs and move them into the appropriate component (if there is one) that will be very helpful. If we can not get these bugs triaged in a relatively short order, they will be moved en-mass to the "Other" component so that the existing European region based components can be removed.

There are a number of languages (dk, fi, se, sk, ru, etc.) remaining in the the older European components for which we do not currently have new language based components. Is anyone willing to sign up to own additional language components or should we move these bugs into the "Other" component?


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