Open XUL Alliance Site Goes Live

by GERALD BAUER | The Open XUL Alliance site went live today.

The goal is to promote all things XUL and to provide free test suites to help ensure interoperability between different XUL motors/browsers/runtimes and free, open-source show-case examples (aka blue prints) to demo the power of XML for creating UIs.

For now the Open XUL Alliance Site sports:
  • XUL News Wire — Breaking News About XUL; also known as the xul-announce Mailing List
  • The Richmond Post — Chronicle of the XUL Revolution; XUL News Weblog
  • xul-talk Mailing List — Beyond Mozilla; Talk about XUL issues touching more than one XUL motor/browser/runtime
  • XUL Lecture Series — Rich Clients, Rich Browser, Rich Portals and much more
  • XUL Link-opida — Articles, FAQs, Cheat Sheets and much more
  • and more

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