Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 12th May 2003

Present: mitchell, myk, scc, gerv, blizzard, asa, brendan, dmose.

Tree/Build System reorg

  • Discussed John Keiser and Chris Seawood's proposal to reorganise CVS directories and build system.
  • We agree that things could be made a lot better and that 1.5 is a good time to do it.
  • There will be ongoing implementation detail discussions between jkeiser and drivers/staff
  • jkeiser and cls are planning to splash it and consult widely
  • Tell jkeiser: yes, check in tinderbox3 and his mozilla tools
  • Tell jkeiser + Ken Estes (tinderbox2 maintainer): apps look more likely to use 1 or 3 right now, but feel free to work to unify; we'd be supportive
  • Myk to mail jkeiser
1.4 beta
  • Positive feedback, especially on NTLM auth
  • Lots of press; people can now use it at work
1.4 final
  • Release candidate after branching and last landings
  • Not worth updating roadmap dates
Mozilla Firebird Browser 0.6
  • Possibly 1 new nasty bug, needs to be fixed in Seamonkey. Asa investigating
  • Ben Goodger has removed the last Phoenix references all landing today
  • dmose to talk to granrose about switching compilers on Linux

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