OEone Launches New Version of HomeBase ANYWHERE

by JESSE RUPPELL | Mozilla users who are tired of multiple copies of their data will be excited to hear that OEone has released a new version of its HomeBase ANYWHERE web service. HomeBase ANYWHERE allows Mozilla users access to their most important information, from anywhere in the world using any browser. A free 60 day trial of HomeBase ANYWHERE includes:
  1. Secure IMAP Email account: HomeBase ANYWHERE provides you with a secure IMAP email account.Access your email securely from any Browser or from Mozilla's Messenger.
  2. LDAP based contacts: Import your existing Mozilla contacts, and then access them from anywhere using any LDAP client software.
  3. Improved Roaming Bookmarks: Use our bookmarklet to add a bookmark to the server, and use our sidebar to view your bookmarks from anywhere! Bookmarks are shown with thumbnails of the page to help you recognize your favourite sites, and stored in Mozilla's .html format for easy importing.
  4. Publish your web sites from Composer! Use Mozilla's Composer application to easily publish your web sites to our WebDAV enabled server.
  5. Make photo pages easily! Add your photos to the Photos/ directory on ANYWHERE, and you've got an instant online photo album.
You get access to all your information from any browser, and any OS. You can add/edit/delete and view all of your documents, contacts, emails, bookmarks, calendar events, and notes from anywhere. HomeBase ANYWHERE's WebDAV server is great for backing up your most important files.

Sign up today at for a free 60 day free trial of HomeBase ANYWHERE that includes 10 MB of space. Users can sign up for accounts that provide them with 100 MB of space for 1 year for only US$35.95 a year.

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