Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 5th May 2003

by GERVASE MARKHAM | Present: mitchell, myk, scc, gerv, blizzard, dmose, asa, brendan, marcia, sspitzer.

  • Sitting on the staging servers still
  • Change of plan from last week; now we are doing at the same time as 1.4 beta
  • This is to give downloaders the option to get the most appropriate release and not regret having downloaded 1.3.1 when 1.4b was close at hand.
1.4 beta
  • 5 blocking bugs left, 4 of which have patches being reviewed
  • Our builds seem pretty good
  • Asa hopes to have this finished up by Wednesday
1.4 final
  • May 16th is the official branch date
  • We're not terrribly concerned about hitting that exact date because there isn't a lot of 1.5a pressure. We're make the branching call when we're happy that we've gotten enough trunk nightly build testing on the late-breaking 1.4 changes.
  • We will probably do release candidates like we did for the 1.0 release. We'll certainly do at least one.
  • Holding on the trunk as long as we can, then ship off the branch
  • The longer we hold, the longer we delay the transition to Mozilla Firebird and Mozilla Thunderbird.
Mozilla Firebird transition
  • Potential for enormous confusion in Bugzilla and on Tinderbox
  • Do we need to make the Bugzilla changes by the time we open for 1.5?
  • We certainly need to make them by the time we ship 1.4 final
  • We need to educate 1.4 downloaders and 1.5 nightly downloaders
  • The ideal point for making the Bugzilla changes is the few days of slowdown before the 1.4 release
  • Proposed new Bugzilla Products: Core Services, Seamonkey Navigator, Seamonkey Messenger, Mozilla Browser, Mozilla Mail, Camino, etc...
  • Need custom templates for Bugzilla to make sure bugs get filed in the right place
  • Asa to write up a proposal for the short-term and long-term Bugzilla naming plan
Mozilla Firebird 0.6
  • A few more "Phoenix" things to rename
  • Released RSN

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