Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 28th April 2003

by GERVASE MARKHAM | Present: Marcia, Myk, Asa, Scott, Dan, Chris and Gerv.

1.4 Beta
  • Been frozen for nearly a week now
  • Ideally would have shipped last Friday, but not as much hassle as for alpha.
  • 20 bugs left
  • Earliest estimate is the end of this week
  • dmose notes that we are statically linking libstdc++ at the moment.
  • Done and sitting on the staging server.
  • Asa needs to update the release notes and do an announcement.
  • Done by the end of today.
  • Contains Mac XPI fixes.
Mozilla Firebird 0.6
  • It's been ready for ages
  • Definitely better than 0.5
  • David Tenser is busy doing the documentation for the release
  • Likely to happen in the next week or so
1.5 onwards
  • Branching for 1.4 in 3 weeks, and opening the trunk for 1.5 development.
  • Brendan's roadmap is perhaps looking optimistic for a complete transition to standalone in 1.5
  • There's an issue over build resources.
  • Sometime during 1.5 alpha cycle, we do the procedural stuff to get Firebird and Thunderbird into the public view — tree rules, tinderbox, nightlies etc. So 1.5alpha is a Firebird/Thunderbird-based release.
  • Do we gain anything from the continued existence of the app-suite?
  • Firebird will never have feature parity within itself, because that would be a bug extensions are the key
  • 1.5 should be as good as 1.4
  • 1.5 finish date is therefore flexible; it depends how fast we move.
  • Try and be feature rather than date driven for that release.
  • Composer/Chatzilla is not an immediate priority for early 1.5
  • Need to get Browser and Mail in a good state first
  • They will probably start as extensions rather than standalone apps.
  • Glazman is interested in maintaining Composer — excellent

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