Mozilla Technologies at OSCOM 3

by GREGOR J. ROTHFUSS | OSCOM, the Open Source Content Management Conference is coming up. It will be held on May 28th - 30th in Harvard, Cambridge, and will have a wealth of presentations and tutorials of interest for the Mozilla community.

Registration is $200 for the full conference, including tutorials.

Here are some highlights from the program:


Twingle is a tool for content authors to work with networked information. The project is focused on improving three parts of the content management experience: Locating, Creating, and Collaborating. Each of these will be simpler, faster, and more powerful for average people that work with WCM (web content management) systems.

Twingle already supports various CMS such as Midgard, Apache Lenya, Zope, and Ariadne.It uses RDF extensively to provide a CMS-independent way of accessing content. Twingle will feature prominently in the tutorials track, where it will be used for authoring in a multi-CMS environment.

Semantic Web Track

The Semantic Web Track has many forward-looking talks that examine the state of the semantic web.

Bottom Line: A very interesting conference at a price you can't beat :)

Hope to see many of you there,


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