Trunk Freezes for 1.4 Beta Tonight

by ASA DOTZLER | We freeze for Mozilla 1.4 beta at 12:01am (PDT) on April 23rd. That's just over one day from now. The tree will be frozen through the release of 1.4beta and not re-open until we branch for Mozilla 1.4final scheduled for May 16th.

Mozilla 1.4 is intended to be the next stable branch for Mozilla and so we'll be particularly focused on shipping an extremely stable milestone which will probably require public release candidates (like we had with Mozilla 1.0).

To help us make this the best milestone yet and a stable branch from which many great projects can be shipped, developers and testers are encouraged to nominate, using the blocking1.4b? flag, bugs which should block the release of Mozilla 1.4beta. As we wrap up beta, we'll add a flag for nominating 1.4final blockers.


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