Mozilla 1.3.1 Release Candidate Builds Available

by ASA DOTZLER | intends to release a Mozilla 1.3.1 with fixes for the problems which led us to disable XPInstall for Mozilla on Mac OS X. In addition to the XPInstall fixes, we've taken a few additional crash and dataloss fixes (noted in bugs listed below). The Mozilla 1.3.1 release will be available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.

The candidate builds which contain the fixes are located at and we're looking for lots of help testing them. If you find problems with these builds (problems that did not exist in 1.3) please let know. Note that there has been quite a lot of development in 1.4a and 1.4b which did not happen for this 1.3.1 release so don't expect 1.3.1 to have fixes for anything but the bugs listed below. Bugs fixed in 1.3.1: This release is primarily intended to give Mac OS X users the XPInstall functionality that was missing in the 1.3 release so we need lots of testing of XPInstall and theme install for OS X. Help testing around the stability and dataloss bugs listed above is also very useful.


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