Independent Status Reports

by DAVID BOSWELL | Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

Books Update (Creating Applications with Mozilla book)
by David Boswell

There are a couple of big updates for the open source version of the Creating Applications with Mozilla book. The first thing is that we've finalized our set of corrections. These are available online now and will be available in dead tree form when O'Reilly does a second printing of the book.

The second thing is that we've posted a much improved set of HTML files for each of the chapters. These new pages are generated from DocBook instead of from Word. All figures and images are now included inline and the navigation system has been greatly improved as well. We are in the process of adding the corrections to the new HTML files and this should be completed soon. Since these new HTML pages have just been posted they have not been fully tested. If you see any irregularities with any of the files, please post your comments to the reviewers mailing list.

JSLib and XPTK Update (Mozilla application development tools)
by Pete Collins

Progress on XPTK is moving along nicely. Jim Massey recently helped out on a new module system to make it easier to contribute widgets and make XPTK more extensible. I recently implemented a <miniwindow> widget that gives MAD authors the ability to create child windows for their apps. Some screenshots are posted on the site. There is also a new <datepicker> widget that was contributed by Sandesh Karalkar which I need to finish integrating into XPTK.

I just added some cool stuff to JSLib. MAD authors can easily create splash screens and apps that open in web top mode that has no native window chrome or titlebar. These methods are part of a new jslib_window module I'm working on. There are samples found in jslib/content/samples/. I also created a page listing Companies and Projects that currently use JSLib.

XPTK and JSLIB are brought to you by Mozdev Group, Inc. Bringing happiness to MAD authors everywhere.

Preferential Update (GUI interface to view & edit all Mozilla prefs)
by Stephen Bounds

Preferential 0.5 is now out. The Advanced Preferences editor for Mozilla now sports a text-search engine that allows users to search for a phrase in any preference name, description or value. This should now make the task of finding the preference you want to modify even easier.

MessageID-Finder Update (Finds the corresponding message to a message ID)
by Markus Hossner

MessageID-Finder version 1.4.5 has been released and includes the following:
  • Open message in the messagepane or browser
  • Accept different kinds of message IDs
  • Ability to use MessageID-Finder in header-list (Mnenhy 0.1.5 or higher needed)

Linky Update (Easy access to open links and pictures on webpages)
by Henrik Gemal

Linky version 1.5.0 has just been released! Install the latest version and report any bugs you find.

The new version is a complete rewrite with many new features:
  • Select links Dialog
  • Preferences panel
  • Dupe URL detecter (will remove all dupes URLs)
  • Option to install into personal Chrome folder
And all the cool features from the last version:
  • Opens all links in a selection in new tabs or windows
  • Finds and opens link in plain text in a new tab or window
  • Opens all links on page in new tabs or windows
  • Open all links that appears to be linking to an image in new tabs or windows
  • Shows all links that appears to be linking to an image in one new tab or window
  • Open all links that appears to be linking to an image in one new tab or window
Tested and works with Mozilla and Phoenix

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