Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Wednesday 26th March 2003

by MYK MELEZ | Attending: Scott, Dan, Marcia, Asa, Mitchell, and Myk

Mitchell in Germany
  • Mitchell went to Germany to talk to the OpenOffice folks.
  • They are a vibrant group.
  • They have many similarities to the Mozilla project, since it was also launched by a single commercial vendor which contributes significant resources.
  • The project, with Sun's encouragement, is working on ways for the community to have greater input into decision-making.
Scott going to Carnegie-Mellon
  • Scott going to Carnegie-Mellon to talk about using Mozilla technology.
  • MacOS X XPInstall functionality is now working.
  • Asa tried a bunch of apps, extensions, and themes, and they all work.
  • Asa is going to get Sean to apply the fixes to the 1.3 branch and then get the builds going and released ASAP (f.e. next week).
1.4 alpha
  • This week Asa is going to try a 1.4a release.
  • He has been doing some build smoketesting and it looks good so far.
  • twalker's smoketests passed.
  • One top-crasher fix in cookie code is wanted; otherwise we can release as soon as possible, possibly tomorrow.
New stuff in 1.4a:
  • mostly just clean-up and fix-up from 1.3.
  • Undo/redo in bookmarks
  • improvements to pop-up blocking
  • dynamic image and table resizing in composer
  • smooth scrolling
  • a few other small features or feature improvements
  • 1.4 alpha will be using a shared GRE for Windows but not for Linux or the Mac.
  • The Mac build guys and the Camino guys are resisting using a GRE because it doesn't allow for a static build and that degrades startup perfomance a lot.
  • Linux could happen sometime in the 1.4 cycle.
Wednesday Talk at Open Government Conference
  • Several Mozilla talks: Stoltz, Boswell, Baker
  • The talks were interesting but not well attended, probably because of the war deadline.
Sun's Module Requests
  • Some people from Sun want various statuses.
  • Asa will ask Brendan and make the necessary changes in despot if he approves.

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