Independent Status Reports

by DAVID BOSWELL | Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

eXPatCOM Update (XPCOM wrapper for expat with callback object i/f)
by Marc Adkins

eXPatCOM is a scriptable XPCOM interface to expat. It provides a way to use expat in callback mode from JavaScript by defining an object with callback methods. It provides an alternative to other current facilities which create parse trees. It is currently an alpha (if not pre-alpha) release to see if there is interest in full development and/or general availability of this component.

XEDE Update (XPFE enhanced desktop environment)
by Scott McWhirter

XEDE is a project aimed to make the desktop a more flexible place. Why conform to what you are used to? With the implementation you will be able to change the whole user interface and experience. The project will also yield an X11 XPCOM component that will allow developers to insert X11 application screens directly into their XPFE programs. We also hope to include several other projects with ease, such as Moz Calender and others. The implementation should be flexible enough to allow some crazy person to write bindings for the Win32 window bindings (like LiteStep or WindowBlinds have done).

DailyComics Update (Get your daily dose of comics in Moz based app)
by Jake Munson

The DailyComics project has launched. DailyComics delivers a user selected list of comics everyday in one page, just like the comics page of the newspaper. Built with Delphi, DailyComics is a Windows stand-alone app that uses Gecko to render its page. The reason it is Windows only is because it's based on the Mozilla ActiveX control, which is the easiest way I know of to use Gecko in Delphi. A cross-platform version is a future goal of the project.

BBSzilla Update (TCP-based BBS support — Hotline protocol et al)
by Justin Arthur

I have done quite a bit of work on the GUI subsystem of BBSzilla in the past few weeks. And now (with help from my buddy, Samuel Sieb) I have begun work on the backend. In the next few months I hope to have working JavaScript libraries for socket utilization as well as file system manipulation for BBSzilla's backend. I have spoken with the employees of Hotsprings, Inc., who currently own the assets of Hotline Communications. They have graciously offered no protest to the further production of BBSzilla and gave me an encouraging thumbs up. I expect the first release of BBSzilla to be in August.

NeedleSearch Update (Enables users to add/delete own search engines)
by Eelco van Kuik

The NeedleSearch project has brought out version 2.0.1. This project lets you add and delete search engines of your own choice to the NeedleSearch Toolbar. It is not necessary to download plugins for this, just tell the toolbar which search engine you would like to add and the Auto-add functionality will find out how to the search engine functions and add it as a search engine bookmark. The project got a really professional look since version 2.0 thanks to Alex Rabino, who drew the icons.

This version only contains bug fixes. If you ever encountered problem with the preferences window after installing NeedleSearch or the Show/hide function showed unexpected behaviour, an update is especially recommended.

The NeedleSearch Toolbar is available in 8 languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, German, Danish and Japanese, thanks to enthusiastic users of the toolbar. If you would like to add another translation, please visit the translation site of the project at:

Mnenhy Update (MailNews enhancements)
by Karsten Dusterloh

MailNews enhancer Mnenhy 0.1.5 is ready and includes the following new features:
  • Mnenhy Chrome Manager for the management of installed packages: packages can now be unpacked to local directories, temporarily deactivated or uninstalled
  • Mnenhy uninstaller
  • German texts in Mnenhy and on
  • Resizable preferences dialog
  • If the MessageID-Finder (versions above 1.0) is installed, Mnenhy will add it to the context menu of the Mnenhy custom header view

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