Independent Status Reports

by DAVID BOSWELL | Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

NeedleSearch Update (Enables users to add/delete own search engines)
by Eelco van Kuik

A new version of NeedleSearch is out: version 2.0. The difference with 1.1 is very big and an upgrade is therefore suggested. You can of course still add all the search engines you want to the NeedleSearch Toolbar, and one of the new features is that it can now mimic practically every search engine there is! You can post variables and use all encoding types.

The Auto-add function only got smarter so it can detect about 99% of the search engines itself. Alex Rabino drew icons escpecially for the toolbar and this gave the bar a really professional look. Other features include: full Phoenix support, Highlight in page, search in page, new translations and a default search engine that can be chosen. Since the core functionality is now able to mimic practically every search engine there is, the development team will give more attention towards a more easy administration of the Search engine bookmarks.

Consultants Update (For those looking for and giving Mozilla expertise)
by Brian King

The consultants project was set up to replace the old consultants page. It is a resource for people who are available to work on Mozilla development projects to advertise their skills, and for people or organisations looking for Mozilla developers.

To be included as available for work, simply fill out your details on the sign-up page.

The project is still in early stages of development. Plans include testimonials from developers who worked in Mozilla projects, case studies of Mozilla applications, and more.

Jabberzilla Update (Jabber IM client for Mozilla)
by Eric Murphy

The Jabberzilla client has been broken on new Mozilla builds for quite a while. New developers have been ramping up, and hopefully something working on 1.3 will be available soon. I also am hoping for support for the-browser-formerly-known-as-Phoenix since it's very little work to support that also.

MozQuake Update (Port of Quake to run inside of Mozilla)
by Eric Murphy

MozQuake is a new project with the current goal of testing for interest in the idea of porting Quake to run in Mozilla. Some details are posted on the website, along with a mockup screenshot to show what could be the result of this project.

UserGuide Update (A user's guide for Mozilla)
by Kevin Neely

MozillaBook: A User's Guide version 0.1 has been released. This is the first official release, and the source and all is available for grabbing in one download package. This book is aimed at the beginning and average user of Mozilla. It should be sufficient for anyone who would like get up and running with Mozilla to do so in a short time, even if that person has never used anything other than IE.

Beonex Update (Internet client software suite targetted at end-users)
by Ben Bucksch

Here's the latest on Beonex:

  • Released maintainance version 0.8.2 of Beonex Communicator for Windows and Linux, Mac to follow
  • Roaming making progress

Gnusto Update (Interpreter for Z-machine games)
by Thomas Thurman

Gnusto has reached v0.3.0. In this version, files load correctly under Mozilla 1.3. Various small errors in numeric comparisons were fixed. The interpreter engine was rewritten for efficiency. A simple debugger was also implemented.

Blozom Update (Stand alone Mozilla based publishing system)
by Andy Edmonds

Blozom is a standalone blogging tool for Mozilla 1.3. It uses Midas, the new Composer API, to provide WYSYWIG editing. Two components of Blozom have been released as standalone Sidebars. Junkie matches your history and bookmarks to recently changed weblogs and Hippocampus allows you to search history and bookmarks in one Sidebar.

Uzilla Update (Commercial service for usability testing)
by Andy Edmonds

Uzilla Card Sort v0.8 has been released. Works on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Googlebar Update (Emulating Google search toolbar in Internet Explorer)
by Andy Edmonds

Googlebar is rapidly approaching it's .5 release featuring lots of internationalization developments, including preference based default language searches. Bernd Kuemmerlen and John Woods have joined the team and are cranking out some long awaited features. Robert Mulcahy has also joined the team and contributed a fresh new look to the Googlebar. Frequent experiment build are available and the .5 release is coming soon.

StumbleUpon Update (A toolbar to find and share great web sites)
by Geoff Smith

New StumbleUpon version 1.6 — StumbleUpon now has a new "News" feature that allows you to see highly rated up-to-date news items in your areas of interest. I've added an "Iraq Conflict" category so you can get your fix of high quality Iraq-related resources. This version also fixes some problems with StumbleUpon on certain/browser OS combinations, so if you had problems with 1.59 (particularly on Mac OS), give this version a try.

mozdev Update (Free project hosting site for Mozilla applications)
by David Boswell

We've just implemented a new project listing scheme that I think will be much more useful for the entire community. Instead of listing projects on an announced/unannounced basis we are now listing projects according to level of activity.

The previous scheme wasn't scaling to the number of projects now being hosted on the site and was becoming out of date. There were many projects on the announced list that are no longer under development and there were also very active projects still being listed in the unannounced project category.

The new listing scheme is a work in progress so feedback is welcome. Currently active projects are defined as anything that has had a CVS commit in the last 60 days, inactive projects have had a CVS commit in the last 61-180 days and abandoned projects haven't had a commit in at least the last 181 days.

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