Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Wednesday 19th March 2003

by GERVASE MARKHAM | Present: Dan, Seth, Gerv, Myk, Asa, Chris.

1.3.1 update
  • Not there on Mac XPInstall yet
  • Perhaps do this release a week after 1.4 alpha
1.4 update
  • Features left to land:
    • Backwards port of Phoenix backend bookmarks rewrite
      • Pierre and Jan Varga working on it
      • Fix painful bugs
    • Titletips in the tree widget
    • P3P ported from 1.0 branch
    • Cookie reworking is halfway done, and going in for alpha
    • ActiveX and XSLT work going in for alpha
    • Latest Chatzilla and Venkman from rginda
  • gcc 2.95.3 (and perhaps 3.2.2) Linux builds for 1.4 alpha
    • Definitely 3.2.2 by beta
    • This raises our minimum system requirement to RH 7.1.
  • Plus cleanup from 1.3 features (e.g. spam filtering)
  • Want to ship on Wed/Thu/Fri of the relevant week. Gotta be quick.
  • One more of those unknown issues on the 1.4 list
  • Held up on reviews; scc and jag both busy.
  • Follow up with reviewers, drivers and calendar folks to see if it makes it.
Anonymous access to website CVS tree
  • Good to have, but no-one has time
  • Gerv to send mail to
  • Noah (a sysadmin) would know how hard a problem it is

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