Netscape DevEdge Launches Strategy Central

by DORON ROSENBERG | While Netscape DevEdge is being updated weekly, this week we introduce DevEdge Strategy Central, intended to help you make the case as to why web standards matter. Strategy Central contains case studies of websites that choose to become standards compliant (ESPN, Wired, DevEdge and AlltheWeb), presentations given by the Netscape Evangelism group as well as others, and articles.

ESPN recently launched a standards compliant website, and Eric Meyer interviews them about it. (btw, we know that the ESPN Motion section requires IE, but that is because of Windows Media Player scriptability).

Other recent articles include SOAP (web services), how to generate 3D elements using XML in ViewPoint, Prefetching and how to correctly use JavaScript and CSS in XHTML documents.

We also have the DevEdge Sidebar, which contains multiple other sidebars related to web development using the new MultiBar. MultiBar gets its list of sidebars from a server, so when we add new sidebars, there is no need to reinstall the DevEdge Sidebar. Plus we have a short readme on how to create your own MultiBar on that page.

And finally, our own Tristan Nitot has launched, together with a dozen contributors, OpenWeb, a French site dedicated to web standards. The aim was to gather tutorials in French so that newcomers and experienced developers would find a place to learn coding web sites using web standards instead of using proprietary markup.

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