Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Wednesday 12th March 2003

by GERVASE MARKHAM | Present: Asa, Mitchell, Gerv, Dan, Seth, Myk.

  • Will probably need to do a 1.3.1 — XPInstall for Mac doesn't exist in 1.3 (beta or final) — been broken for a long time.
  • Sean and Seth have identified the areas of concern. We speculate a couple of weeks before a potential 1.3.1. The XPInstall issue could be fixed sooner.
  • There's a leak in mail/news which hits some people and not others.
  • We need to make sure people know to land risky work early, otherwise it won't get in.
  • Asa/drivers to publicise the plan as soon as 1.3 is out of the way.
Change of compiler and OS on Linux
  • dmose and others would like to make this change in 1.4 alpha.
  • Need to decide exactly what to change to.
  • dmose says 7.1, cls/bbaetz/granrose says 7.3.
  • Run a poll at MozillaZine to find out RH version?
  • Or see talkback reports for OS breakdown.
Roadmap update
  • From 5-5-3 split in weeks (alpha-beta-final) to 6-4-3. More heavy lifting time in alpha, so we can be more strict for beta.
Publicising 1.4 plans
  • Asa to send holding mail to the guy who enquired
  • Asa to post to Seamonkey
Distributing Mozilla to developing countries on CD
  • Gerv to reply saying that the license gives you the right to do this.
  • If you are taking the distribution and not changing anything, you need to add the notice to say where people can get a copy.
"Why use Mozilla" docs from MozillaU
  • Get Marcia to do index page?
  • Due by the weekend
  • Mitchell's deadline: next Wednesday.
  • Asa to circulate the individual pages to staff.

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