Mozilla 1.4 Alpha Coming Soon

by ASA DOTZLER | The tree freezes for 1.4alpha in 9 days; that's one week from this Wednesday ( It looks like a number of the organizations shipping Mozilla-based products ( are converging on 1.4 so we need to really nail this one in terms of quality and we need to hit the target dates.

To maximize the "open" development time we need to get 1.4alpha frozen, cleaned up, and out the door in days rather than weeks. So if you've got big things to land, try to get them in ASAP and not on the last day or two of the cycle. "Crash landings" next Tuesday night are going to slow everything down and cut into the time we have for open development in 1.4beta. Also, if you've got changes bigger than a bugfix, please put them on the Landing Plan ( or send mail to so we can help get them into the tree with as little chaos as possible.


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