Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Wednesday 5th March 2003

by ASA DOTZLER | Present: Dan, Seth, Mitchell, Asa, Myk, Scott

Discussed Mozilla 1.3
1 mac blocker remaining. dmose asked about splashing on mozillazine to try to get others to reproduce it. 1.3 status is "a few mac-specific bugs left, we're gonna get one or two and push out the others".

1.4 development and planning
drivers contacting 1.4 people and starting to discuss what's in and what's out.

Camino release
Camino may not be ready till end of next week. (hah! we beat our estimates.)

Gerv looking for relicense scripting help
Gerv's mail sounds fine. Ship it.

Time to revive efforts to get final OK's to trilicense remaining code. Mitchell to look into corporate side; staff to consider remaining individual contributors.

Sun crypto press release
Discussion of Sun's significant crypto contribution to mozilla codebase, and how to best make this known to the relevant community.

Status Report maintainer
Everyone agrees that Alex Bishop is the most qualified candidate to maintain the status reports.

Java-related Component Ownership
Asa is already working with Sun china on Java-related component ownership.

Leadership discussion
Mitchell lead a discussion about leadership of the mozilla project, what staff is doing and what we ought be doing wrt to applications, GRE, XRE, and embedding. Didn't come to conclusions yet, discussion to continue. Mitchell to publish document about the big picture goals of the Mozilla project.

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