Independent Status Reports

by DAVID BOSWELL | Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

StumbleUpon Update (A toolbar to find and share great web sites)
by Geoff Smith

New to StumbleUpon is a Mozilla toolbar that acts as an intelligent browsing tool for discovering and sharing great web sites with other people. By rating web pages, you can teach the toolbar what you like. Clicking the "Stumble" button takes you to high-quality web sites tailored to your interests.

RDFBase Update (A tool to manage (simple) RDF datasources)
by Robert Kaiser

The RBase project has been renamed to RDFBase and has been put up for adoption. If anyone is interested in taking this over, contact Robert Kaiser about getting CVS access to the project.

Meetzilla Update (Information about Mozilla meetings)
by David Boswell

There is a conference next week in Washington DC about open source in government that is being held on the GWU campus. There are three different presentations about Mozilla on the schedule:
  • State of the Mozilla Project by Mitchell Baker
  • Secure Database using Mozilla by Shaun Savage
  • Creating Applications with Mozilla by David Boswell
Registration is free so if you're in the area stop by. More information about registration, schedules and location is available at I will also try to make all slides available from the Meetzilla project after the conference.

Checky Update (An Interface to online validators and checkers)
by Joachim Schreiber

Checky Plugin Version 0.8 is now available for download.

Changes between 0.8 and 0.7: Changes between 0.7 and 0.6:
mozdev Update (Free project hosting site for Mozilla applications)
by David Boswell

A new People at Mozdev page has been posted on the site. The goal of this page is to better highlight the people who are contributing to the advancement of and Mozilla application development. This page combines links to the project owners list, the consultants page and the supporters page. It also links to a new module owners page. This new page lists each of the different parts of and who is responsible for each.

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