Another Round of 1.3 Candidate Builds

by ASA DOTZLER | We've taken a few more fixes and have another round of candidate builds. New to these builds are several important fixes that could use lots of testing.

The first is the fix for the nasty Mac gray toolbars problem that's been plaguing some Mac users throughout the 1.3 cycles. If you were experiencing this bug (181293) please get the latest 1.3 candidate and let us know if you see further problems. The second important fix is for "settimeout and setinterval not being killed for iframes" bug 194994. This problem should be fixed in the latest 1.3 builds but we need lots of testing of any sites that use iframes to make sure nothing regressed. In addition to those fixes, we also took patches for a few additional bugs.

As with the previous candidate builds, please use them and abuse them and if you find any new problems file and nominate bugs with the blocking1.3? flag. Get the latest candidate builds for Linux, Windows, and Mac and let us know whether it's 1.3 or not. Thanks for your help in making Mozilla rock!

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