1.3 Candidate Builds Available for Testing

by ASA DOTZLER | We've been hard at work cleaning up the last of the blocking problems with 1.3. Today we have our first set of candidate builds and are looking to get as much usage/testing on these builds as we can. If you want to help make Mozilla 1.3 the best release to date, please grab one of the builds linked below, use it, abuse it, and let us know if you find any nasty problems. To alert drivers to a bug that's bad enough to block the 1.3 final release, find or file the bug and set the bug flag "blocking1.3?" (this field lives just under and to the left of the Cc: list). If all goes well and nothing new and horrible is discovered then we should see a 1.3 release real soon now. Thanks for your help in making Mozilla rock!

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