Independent Status Reports

by DAVID BOSWELL | Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

MultiZilla Update (Tab-based browsing feature for Mozilla)
by Rajnish Bhaskar

The MultiZilla project is active again for a few weeks since lead developer HJ is home on compassionate leave from work. He's been working really hard in that time and the following new features have been added lately:
  • The ability to restore tabs that were closed accidentally
  • Opening links in new tabs/windows now marks them as visited (fix for Mozilla bug 78510)
  • The currently active tabs are now stored and can be restored at startup, or manually through a menu item
  • Tabs organisation has been improved with the ability to move tabs between windows
  • Each tab now has its own history available from a menu
  • Plugins, Javascript, images etc can be enabled or disabled on a per-tab basis
  • Tabs can be reloaded automatically every x minutes
As well as these new features, literally dozens of bugs have been fixed over the past few weeks.

Optimoz Update (Optimizations, including gestures, for the Mozilla browser)
by Andy Edmonds

Optimoz has released version 0.3.5 with trails, mail support, a revamped sidebar and much more thanks to the hard work of Jens Bannmann. The next major release will feature gesture configuration storage in RDF and support for user customization, as well as gesture sharing! The optimoz crew is looking for a Linux QA owner, see the help wanted buglist.

Uzilla Update (Usability testing tools)
by Andy Edmonds

Uzilla at Mozdev is in the close to the release of an opensource tool for card sorting — a usability technique for assessing user mental models. It uses drag and drop, jslib for file system access, and lots of XML parser foo. The "A Day in the Life" study is still on hold pending ethical review.

Hermes Update (Adding web mail support to Sidebar)
by Azrael

Hermes is broken still. People telling me how to fix Hermes haven't managed to get it through my thick skull yet. Anyone able to help is encouraged to check out Hermes from CVS, and show me real fixes that work™. Oh... and if you fancy popping by and leaving totally irrelevant nonsense on the Hermes comments page: Don't! To all loyal Hermes users desperate for an update/fix hang on in there, we'll get it before hell freezes over... just about.

Gnusto Update (Interpreter for Z-machine games)
by Thomas Thurman

Gnusto v0.2.0 was released today. This version can load arbitrary story files — a new encoding was introduced to work around a Mozilla bug which had previously prevented this. The story interpreter engine was rewritten for efficiency. Some extra opcode handling was added, most notably to support text style and colour. Error handling has been improved. Single-key input is now supported.

mozdev Update (Free project hosting site for Mozilla community)
by David Boswell

We have set up a PayPal donation account for people who prefer to contribute money using this service. This is in addition to the existing Kagi donation account. Both work fine, so feel free to use whichever you prefer if you choose to contribute to mozdev.

The Mozilla developer consultants listing is up for adoption. I don't have the time to maintain this any longer, so if someone would like to take this over email me at

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