Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Wednesday 19th February 2003

by GERVASE MARKHAM | Present: Brendan, Myk, Marcia, Leaf, Asa, Mitchell, Seth, Gerv, Scott, Chris.

  • Beta delayed a couple of weeks; branching will be delayed about one week.
  • This is usual.
  • 20-30 blockers left. That list is unlikely to grow. Need to get a handle on these.
  • Stay on the trunk vs. branch — contention.
  • Don't want to repeat the mistakes of 1.2, with a long branch and not very much testing.
  • After branch, big ticket items hitting trunk: e.g. Chimera.
  • Haven't heard a date from the calendar folks.
  • Have heard back from a dozen module owners and peers with their plans for 1.4 and 1.5.
  • Drivers will be working to coordinate how this fits into the roadmap.
Plan for 1.4/1.5
  • 1.4 is short-ish — customers making releases.
  • 1.5 is stuff we want for the "year after 1.0" timeframe.
  • Brendan to write a new roadmap
  • Need to keep doing milestones, and make big changes incrementally, rather than disassemble the world
  • Accommodate the big stuff, and plan around it, but we can't stop shipping
  • We have to stop taking big changes just before beta, and make more of a difference between alpha and beta.
Chimera/Camino 0.7
  • "Camino" winding its way through trademark review. Hoping to have an answer within the next few days.
  • That's the only release blocker.
jkeiser's offered tinderbox3 and mozilla_tools for CVS
  • Discussed jkeiser's interest in having host another tinderbox rewrite and additional developer tools.
  • Asa to talk with mcafee and others about's tinderbox needs.
  • Gerv to mail the current module owner, as a courtesy, and tell him we are thinking about hosting tb3.
Talkback data request for research
  • We are OK with him having the data if Shiva removes the personal stuff and there is no privacy issue.
  • Pass the issue to Shiva.
Splash screen
  • Asa has a simple one done by Kerz — just the plain name "Mozilla" in Revolution font on a plain background. No trademark issues.
  • Asa to send it to Gerv, to arrange for checkin.

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