Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Wednesday 12th February 2003

by GERVASE MARKHAM | Present: Mitchell, Marcia, Leaf, Gerv, Asa, Myk, Scott, Blizzard, Dan at the end.

New person responsible for maintenance of key website files
  • Dawn is now no longer able to give her full time to Mozilla.
  • There's a list of people who can check into "restricted" files.
  • This needs to be a list of involved and available people, or those who might want to make updates.
  • terry, dmose, shaver to come off
  • seth, gerv to go on
  • Gerv to look after the front page on a regular basis
  • Myk to make the changes to CVS
Disabling inactive CVS accounts (mstoltz)
  • Dawn did some of this recently (but may not have quite finished)
  • Policy: Disable all those who haven't checked in for six months.
    (They can always send email to be reactivated.)
  • Don't have resources to automate.
  • We should ask mstoltz to do it if it's important to him
  • Myk to send mail.
Remove CVS admin rights from normal users (mstoltz)
  • Currently, those with checkin rights can execute the "cvs admin" command. This gives them more power than is ideal, although it necessary for some things. Can we remove some of the power?
  • Changing this requires CVS hacking, so won't get done in the near future.
  • Can mstoltz do it himself, or motivate Netscape IC to do it?
Update calendar partition in despot (Brant Gurganus)
  • Leaf/Marcia to deal with it.
Chimera 0.7 release — status
  • We are in a complete mess over the name :-(
  • Options: iVoyage, Camino, or an interim name.
  • Idea: they can't land on the trunk until next week; let's see if Camino makes it through AOL legal.
  • Asa to go back to Pink. Camino much better than iVoyage.
cls filed a bug to remove the QT port
  • Timeless and gisburn have been hacking on it, but it doesn't pass smoketests
  • Removing it is fine with us.
  • In cls' view, no credible long-term maintainers found. He's the module owner, so his say goes.
  • Asa to comment that we support cls as module owner.
Possible large changes to Gecko or other components
  • The hackers concerned need to come to us with a proposal
  • Brendan/Asa needs to mail all major contributors to find out what big work they want to do. Get requirements and schedule them.
  • Can't change the schedule without requirements.
  • Asa to start that process.
Review and super-review
  • There was a discussion about the role of review and super-review in current Mozilla development, and whether changes to the process are appropriate in the light of new circumstances.

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