Mozilla 1.3 Status Update

by ASA DOTZLER | It's Wednesday afternoon and we've got lots of bugs. 1.3beta has been going out to the masses and TalkBack data is starting to flow and already points to some new crashers.

Drivers have been going through the nominations (see and approval requests. If you find a bug that is nasty enough to block the release of 1.3, please set the blocking1.3? flag in the bug. If you've got a fix that's fully reviewed and you think it's critical to a successful release of 1.3, please set the approval1.3? flag in the patch.

So far we've approved 32 patches and just over half of them have landed (Bug List).

The blocker list is at 24 bugs (2 fixed) (Bug List) and of those 7 are crashers, 2 are dataloss, about a dozen are major losses of functionality or correctness and 1 bug is API documentation.

This is a pretty big list and we need to get it knocked down quickly to get branched and open the trunk to 1.4alpha development. If you own one of the blocking bugs please keep drivers up to date either in the bug or with email to If you own one of the approved to land bugs please do so at the first open tree. The sooner we get these changes in the sooner we can verify the fix or root out any regressions. Thanks.


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