Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Wednesday 5th February 2003

by GERVASE MARKHAM | Present: Asa, Myk, Mitchell, Dan, Gerv, Marcia and Seth.

XPCOM ownership

Owners and peers are considering breaking up the module into smaller owned chunks

Mitch Stoltz re: CVS bug

His mail is actually about the bug we fixed before it was public
Myk to email him back and point him to the relevant bug
Myk to put together newsgroup announcement

Progress/plans documents

Seth's doc is being assembled
Asa to give Seth list of changes since 1.0

Chimera 0.7 release

Hopefully release in next 2-3 days
Then the Chimera team plans to move to the trunk (speed boost?)

Last week's meeting minutes

Gerv to remove confidential info
Publish to newsgroups

Looking for someone to do status updates

Meeting notes to go to .seamonkey in the mean time

Proposed change to license of parts of mfcembed<

Gerv: Ask if the MPL meets their needs
What case are they concerned about?
Have they had complaints?

Guninski's mail re: secure CVS

He wants anonymous secure CVS read-only access
But no actual exploits ever heard of
Good idea in principle for people with write access to have secure access, and we do it for a few people now, and we want to move over eventually, but there's a resources problem.
We definitely have no resources to provide anonymous secure access, because it's not nearly so important.

Once in, always in?

Following a comment from a contributor, the status of those members of staff who do not have the time to make a full contribution was discussed.
terry to be removed (as he hasn't been involved for years.)
dmose, shaver and hecker to become associate members (dmose offered)
Mitchell to send official email to the four of them.

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