Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Wednesday 29th January 2003

by GERVASE MARKHAM | Present: Scott, Dawn, Gerv, Leaf, Dan, Seth, Marcia, Myk, Asa and Mitchell. (Brendan returns from holiday on the 5th of February.)

Direction of the Project
  • Drivers say: time to clean up recently-landed features
  • Discussed progress of GRE and Phoenix projects

  • It would be good for staff to communicate better
  • We agreed to post minutes of the weekly meetings to the newsgroups, as far as what is discussed can be made public (and here they are :-)

Project Status
  • We'd like to get input on the roadmap for the different parts of Mozilla from those actually working on the code
  • Begin with a "past, present and future" summary from each project
    • What's happened since 1.0
    • Where we are now
    • Where we think we are going
  • Seth emailing module owners and compiling their responses.

Are we a Distribution?

There was a discussion about how much is de facto a distribution, and whether we want to be in the distribution business. This has to be considered in relation to the fact that if big changes are made, a release may not necessarily be better than the previous one.

There was also a discussion of whether each and every milestone needs to be a better user experience than the previous one, and if so, how to accomplish significant changes. We also talked about whether the the needs of Mozilla end users varies from that of Mozilla developers in this regard.

Chimera 0.7 Release

We want to do this soon, but need to figure out whether there is a problem with using the chimera name. Mitchell suggested we ship with C***** as an interim measure if necessary. Asa to contact

Mozdev Donation Drive
  • Dawn to put news item on the front page.

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