Independent Status Reports

by DAVID BOSWELL | Note: If anyone has an update that they would like included in the next report, feel free to email me.

Checky Update (An interface to online validators and checkers)
by Joachim Schreiber

Here's the latest on what's new in the 0.5.2 Checky release:
  • Phoenix support.
  • New RSS Validation Service.
  • Checky is now part of browser context menu.
  • Preferences panels added for global settings, individual services and Checky-Agent.
  • Checky-Agent to fire up more than one service with a single keyboard shortcut (F10).
  • German (de-AT) and English (en-US) versions.
  • Signed application (no additional features now) and Checky CA available.

Preferential Update (GUI interface to view & edit all Mozilla prefs)
by Stephen Bounds

Preferential 0.4.1 has now been released, providing easy editing of all Mozilla preferences without use of a text editor. In addition, 220+ Mozilla preferences have now been documented as part of the program.

mozdev Update (Free Mozilla project hosting site)
by David Boswell

We've just recently run across a problem where it seems like no mail sent from is getting through to users with an email address. This doesn't seem to apply to any other users on the site. If you're subscribed to any of the project mailing lists or mozdev's bugzilla using a address you might want to consider using an alternate email account for now until this bug is fixed. For more information, see bug 2974.

EU Update (European Mozilla community information)
by Brian King

I would like to remind everyone of the Mozilla Track at the Free and Open Source Developers' Conference (FOSDEM) 2003 in Brussels, 8/9 February.

I will be giving a talk on the main Fosdem floor about Mozilla as Application Platform, and there will be other technical talks in the Mozilla room including Native Database Support by Jan Varga, Bugzilla Tips & Tricks by Gervase Markham and Cascades: Creating a XUL+JS Based Mozilla Extension by Daniel Glazman.

There will be lots of other interesting stuff happening, so if you are thinking of attending, please contact me and we can talk some more.

The website has been updated with the unfinished schedule, the attendees and their interests and a list of speakers.

Hope to see you there!

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