Calendar Soon to be Included in Default Mozilla Builds

by MIKE POTTER | Just a quick update on what's going on with the calendar right now:

I've been able to fix a few bugs the past few days, as I've got a little extra development time at work. I'll be building a new XPI soon, and maybe a few more over the next little while.

The amount of patches from other people has increased lately, and I've tried my best to make sure all the patches are getting in. Thanks very much to everyone who's helping out. If I've missed any, please send me an email at

The calendar is ready to be included by default in the Mozilla builds. We are currently under going a review process to get the code built by default. Once that happens, it's our hope that you'll be able to download a Mozilla build that includes a calendar. For the next little while there may be little visible progress on the calendar as we try and clean up the code to get approved.

Things are moving forward.

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